Babee Greens Diaper Starter Kit


Made in Asheville, this starter kit has everything – except diaper covers – that you need to begin cloth diapering your little one!Basic Kit includes:
– 12 one-size diapers (plus one complimentary diaper)
– 2 packs of reusable wipes (12 wipes per pack)
– 1 pack doublers (6 doublers per pack)
– Cleansing Greens concentrate – contains castile soap, tea tree oil and lavender for use on wipes
– 1 box Washing Greens diaper washing detergent
1 pair complimentary nursing padsTotal.

Deluxe Kit Includes:
– Everything in the basic kit, plus 6 additional diapers.

Kits are available in 100% US grown organic cotton, or a 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton blend.

*** Basket not included***


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