Kina Lambskin Booties


KINA The KINA Collection is handcrafted in New Zealand. New Zealand is a country that has a lot of sheep. Tens of millions of sheep actually. They are not native to New Zealand but they sure do like it there. Because New Zealand is lush and green and fertile and yep really looks just like all those tourist pictures you see of it. The climate, especially down in the South Island where most of the sheep live, is one of extremes. Hot hot in the summer and snowy cold in the winter. This means the sheep grow this incredible wool to cope with it.  No where else in the world do sheep grow such fantastic wool. The lambskin is naturally stunning. Tight little curls and super soft to the touch. We encourage it to take center stage. KINA pieces are simple and classic. They are smart and fit well and look great. Our booties stay on. Really really really well.  KINA garments are handcrafted in New Zealand from all-natural materials. Like you, each garment is unique. Treasure your difference.Camel color leather exterior
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