Mommy’s Nipple Helper


Mommy’s Nipple Helper Soothing Nipple Cream helps heal and soothe tender nips from breastfeeding your little one. Made with food grade shea butter, coconut oil, and grape seed oil, so it is safe for your baby (although it is recommend to wipe any excess off breasts before feeding).



From the Maker:

“After feeding, apply a tiny amount to nipples and massage in. Although this has been tested and works great, I have to do the legal disclaimer that this product has not been tested by the FDA and I am not a medical professional. If your nipples don’t get any better, please seek medical care or speak with a lactation consultant. I highly recommend seeing a LC. Most insurance plans cover them and they will help you find the root of the problem (pun intended) :)”

Available in both 2oz and 4oz sizes and makes a great gift for expecting or new moms

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2oz, 4oz


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