Honey Creek Ceramic Egg Holder

$15.00 - $30.00
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Ashley Lieb, of Asheville's Honey Creek Pottery, shares this statement about her work: "Western North Carolina is home to an expansive small sustainable farm movement that is rapidly growing. Through crafting functional pottery, I am able to supply and support this movement on a local and regional level. My work aims to instill a desire within the community, as well as within myself, to follow this agrarian dream. I have created a series of functional ceramic vessels that help facilitate making, fermenting, and storing food and herbs or the by-products of livestock. My current work serves to honor the relationship between the individual and the food and drink, which nourishes their body: their temple."

Honey Creek's egg holder is a beautiful and functional work of ceramic art. It comes in two sizes – a dozen eggs, or a half dozen. Please choose your size in dropdown menu above.