O&M King Flannel Pillow Cases

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These flannel Pillow Cases are made using 100% Organic Cotton. The soft and cozy feel these Pillow Cases offer will surely make you fall in love with them. Unlike other Flannel Pillow Cases available in the market, our Flannel Pillow Cases are made with fabric that has the optimum thread density to give these Pillow Cases high endurance. These Pillow Cases are great for use all year around.

Our Flannel Pillow Cases feature a 4 Inch Z-hem which adds more luxury to these Pillow Cases.

We have Flannel organic pillowcases that are made of 100% organic cotton. They are available in standard, and King sizes, and their level of comfort is unmatched. Our Flannel organic pillowcases are not like the others on the market; they come with an optimum thread density. As such, they will retain high endurance all year round. The Flannel pillowcases have a 4-inch-Z-hem that will give you great luxury and the coziness that you will require. Our Flannel organic pillowcases are ideal for those who have a sensitive skin, as they are made from natural cotton, without any harmful chemicals.