O&M King Sateen Pillowcase Pair

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Our Sateen Pillow Cases are soft and lustrous, they have all the characteristics required to be on a King’s Bed. These are made using fine yarns of 100% Organic Cotton. These Pillow Cases are Natural Finished and retain their natural aesthetics and color even after years of use.

Our Sateen Pillow Cases feature a 4 Inch Z-hem which adds up more luxury to these Pillow Cases.

Our sateen pillow cases are made from all organic blends of cotton and satin. Unlike organic satin pillowcases, sateen cases are more durable because of the cotton content of the fabric. They are also machining washable, unlike pure satin pillow cases. The organic pillow cases are made in USA and come with natural finish. That way they retain their natural color and aesthetics even after years of use and washing. And to add to their luxurious look, the natural sateen pillow cases have a four inch Z-hem. We offer two sizes of sateen pillowcases King and Standard. Keep in mind that pillows or fillers are not included in the package.

Get our standard or King size natural organic Sateen pillowcases and enjoy to soft feel and shiny appeal. The pillow cases are made from 100% cotton yarns that are not treated using artificial process. The Z-hem organic pillowcases have the 4-inch z-hem, which is an attribute that adds to their coziness. The pillowcases are natural and organic and will retain their natural color and aesthetics for so many years, while in used. They are purely made from organic satin and cotton, which makes them durable and the perfect natural organic Sateen pillowcases for your bed. You can wash the pillowcases in your washing machine, without damaging them.