Savvy Rest Serenity Organic Mattress

$1,999.00 - $3,899.00
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PLEASE NOTE: You cannot purchase Savvy Rest mattresses online through our website. Please call our store at 828-258-1901 to choose your options and purchase your mattress.

Choose your mattress size in the list above to see the price of your mattress. 

Also note: Choosing Talalay Latex will add to the cost of your mattress. For Twin and Twin XL, Talalay will add $150 for each layer. For Full, Queen, and King, Talalay will add $300 per layer. Please call if you have any questions.

We’ve helped thousands of people choose layers for their Savvy Rest mattresses. (Even on each side, for couples who need different things.)

Savvy Rest organic mattresses can be customized for your body with combinations of Soft, Medium or Firm Dunlop and/or Talalay natural latex. Your height, weight, the “feel” you love and any pain issues are key. Working together, the right layers make a big difference in your comfort and the quality of your sleep.

The best approach is to try different configurations at our store! Or call our store 828-258-1901 to discuss your options.


Our flagship Savvy Rest mattress is customized with personalized combinations of Soft, Medium and/or Firm natural latex. The sturdy organic cotton casing has organic wool batting quilted inside. The organic wool fill promotes a cooler, drier environment and more comfortable sleep. The Savvy Rest organic casing closes with a strong brass zipper.

Our layered organic mattresses are:

  • GOTS-certified organic
  • Manufactured in a GOTS-certified facility
  • Customized firmness on each side for couples (optional; Queen, King, California King only)
  • Available in any dimension or shape. Call for custom quotes.
  • Total height: 10"

Place on rigid, slatted foundation, platform bed, or platform bed insert.

Note: Ships directly, normally within 7 days.  20-Year Warranty.
Return Policy: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns of this item. Allowing returns would require us to spray our products with chemicals in order to "clean" and resell them, harming the purity of our natural materials.  However, the Serenity is eligible for Savvy Rest's  90-day Latex Exchange. We thank you for your support and understanding.

Natural latex

True natural latex, without synthetic latex or fillers blended in, is simply natural foam rubber. We offer two different types of natural latex: Dunlop and Talalay. Dunlop is denser and more supportive. Talalay offers softness and gentle pressure-relief. (Learn more about Dunlop and Talalay here.)

Our natural Dunlop latex is certified organic in two ways. The rubber tree plantations are certified organic according to USDA standards, and its processing is certified organic to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

Our natural Talalay is also certified in two ways. It has been sustainably harvested according to Forest Stewardship Council guidelines and has been certified as Cradle to Cradle GOLD, a measure of its health impact, environmental impact, and social fairness.

Certified organic wool

You'll never find chemical flame retardants in our organic mattresses. Instead, we use GOTS-certified organic wool batting as a natural flame barrier. Wool also regulates temperature by promoting airflow, so it will not cause you to feel overheated at night.

Certified organic cotton

We stay away from cotton treated with pesticides since this is harmful to our bodies and the planet. Our mattress casings are made of unbleached, GOTS-certified organic cotton. When you see that GOTS logo, it means that material or overall product has met the most rigorous organic standard worldwide.


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