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Modern Bohemian Table Book

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Learn the rules, traditions, and customs of table setting and entertaining, and how to incorporate principles of bohemian design.

The Modern Bohemian Table teaches you how to:
• Build an heirloom tabletop collection
• Design a welcoming and beautiful table
• Calculate how much food you need you for each gathering
• Select wine or other drinks to complement the meal

And inspires you with over 20 fresh and fun party ideas, broken up into seasons, including:
• Morrocan Rooftop Soiree
• Wine Night
• Medieval-Inspired Feast
• Garden Gathering
• Apres-Ski Get-Together

From tablescapes to menu planning, napkin folding to cocktail mixing, learn to gather your favorite people and fill their bellies with delicious food and laughter.

About the contributor(s):
Amanda Bernardi is a business owner, wife, mother, consultant, maker, reader, activist, curator, meditator, planner, hair-twirler, editor, thrifter, photographer, eater, and thinker. Amanda’s business, Hunt and Gather, specializes bohemian in weddings, events, and interior design. Amanda lives in Denver, Colorado with her family.

208 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
full-color photographs

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